Saturday, February 12, 2011

Funny Valentines

Jax had his buddies Stella and Nia over for a Valentine-making party.  All of his friends were going to hand out Valentines at his friend Colby's birthday party, so their moms and I pooled our collective crafty resources and made some cards to share.

We got into the spirit of it....

...then went to work.

The girls were diligent and excited and pretty in pink.

Jax was just fired up to spell his friends' names out in stickers. 

He's pretty great at letter sounds all of the sudden.  It's amazing to ask him what letter comes next and then having him correctly identify it based on the sound (most of the time).  He even has some sight words memorized: box, big, and push.  He spells his name out with the magnets on the dishwasher.  He certainly is infatuated with the alphabet!

Em was pretty much banished to the high chair, athough she does make sitting there look good.

Next year, baby girl, you can join in on the messy fun.

Our funny Valentines had a great time making cards for their friends, mostly because they really love each other so much.  I asked Jax what he wanted to say about each of his friends and he would tell me something he specifically liked about each of them.  For example, with Colby he likes to "run and run and run!"  and with Harper he likes to play with the kitchen set.  I was surprised when he said he likes to color with Andrew, but then Andrew's mom reminded me that he likes to color on her walls.  Yeah, gotta work on that. 


amy g said...

SOOOO CUTE! We had so much fun. then, on the way home from your house, nia had every single one we made demolished :( Ahh the life of having a kid. She still talks about going in J and E's ROOM! So special!

Aaron said...

looks like fun. :) i think micah has that same pink flannel.....

Katie said...

Andrew's Mom was just kidding about coloring on the walls. She loves having Jax over to color!