Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Quick Hello

This weekend my kids and I were lucky enough to get a chance to say a quick hello to my childhood friend Dawn, her husband Tom, and son Connor.  Connor is 7 months younger than Jax and they have only met twice before.  Since Dawn and I are so close, even though she lives in North Carolina, we really hope our kids become great friends, too!

Jax had a great time, although he was a bit wary when Auntie Dawn attacked him for a photo op.

Hmmm...I don't really know you but you smell nice so I'll go with it.

Here is Dawn with her sweet little boy, Connor.  I love his half smile!  He was such a good friend and shared so nicely with Jax , and even cried when Em cried!  A bit more empathy for our baby girl than her brother usually shows.

Please excuse Jax's low-riding jeans!  I don't usually let his diaper hang out like that.  He's in between sizes right now.

I think Jax's favorite part was playing with Connor's dad, Tom.  Tom was such a good sport and played with Jax while Em was attached to my hip.

When we left, Jax kept relating his morning with Tom.  "Play with blocks?  Thanks, Tom.  Play with cars?  Thanks, Tom."  Tom made a big impression on Jax during our quick hello.

Hello Richardson family and sad to say goodbye so soon!  Hope we will see you again in March, that Em will be a little bit more playful, and that JDubbs will be able to tag along, too!

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