Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Best Friend

Today I was on the phone with JDubbs's cousin Jaime when I went in to wake Jax up from his nap.  He greeted me with a chherful "Hi, Mom!" and a smile, but Jaime said, "Does he call you Mom?  Tyler (her almost 3-year-old) calls me that and I hate it.  I want to still be Mommy."  I said, "He calls me Mom sometimes.  I'm not sure."  So I turned to Jax and said, "What's my name?  What do you call me?"  and he said, "Best friend."

My heart melted.

Then he added, "Like Lightning McQueen and Mater."

Of course.  Just like that.


The Dadej Family said...

That was sweet moment. Remember it always.

lauren & aaron said...

I love it anyway....even if you're in the same category as Cars! :)