Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pretty Imperfect

Yesterday afternoon, just as I had lifted Jax into his crib for his nap, he surprised me. 

"Em in crib, too?" 
"You want Em to get in your crib with you?"

Might have been the world's best ploy to avoid taking a nap (he never did take one), but he knows me and knows that I'm a sucker for brother-sister camaraderie.  I plopped her in, ran to get my camera, and to my dismay, took some pretty mediocre pictures.

The moments were perfect; it was the photographer who needed some assistance.  In hindsight I think I used the wrong lens, my focus and depth of field were off, there wasn't enough light and we were inside.  All recipes for blurry, grainy photos.  So I edited them the best I could and here's what I got.  Just imagine them through the lens of a professional!

Em still has some serious hero worship going on.  Her big brother is the center of her universe and she doesn't even try to hide it.

But I think all her persistence is paying off.

He not only requested her presence in his crib, he was really taking care of her.  We went to the doctor earlier that morning and found out that she still has an ear infection (no wonder she hasn't been sleeping!) and Jax was very doting.  She was kind of whiny and sad and he kept giving her back her binkie--whether she wanted it or not!
 Alright, I got it!  Lay off!

Then he started getting sleepy and wanted to lay down and rest.  And, surprise, surprise!  Guess who he wanted to lay down with him!

The result of this half hour of bonding was one happy little girl,

look at her loving him...

one happy little guy,

and one very happy mama.

Oh, and a bunch of blurry pictures.  Oh, well!  I'll take what I can get!


Karen said...

the pictures are ADORABLE! Doesn't it just melt your mommy heart! It's AMAZING!

amy g said...


Jessica said...

OMG!!!! Enjoy this time so much Becky...they bond they are forming will be unbreakable!!

Yona Williams said...

Those pictures still capture great memories! So cute.

Im a new Google Connect Friend from Buzz on By Thursday Blog Hop! Love if you'd follow me back.

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Vanessa said...

This post melts my heart!! LOVE!!