Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One Year Old!

Our baby is officially one year old!

What a day, with so many family members there to celebrate from near and far!

The day started out a little rocky because Jax had a less than fabulous night sleep the night before. But after a good breakfast and a catnap in the car, he was ready to go to his party at Nana and Papa's and to face the excited swarm of people waiting to wish him happy birthday!

Well, make that a little excited and a lot overwhelmed.

We were so thrilled to have so many people there to celebrate this big day with us, but Jax was a little taken aback. He had both sets of grandparents, four aunties, one uncle, one pair of friends who are basically family, one great aunt from Oregon, and three cousins! And his parents, of course. And a in-utero sibling. And a dog. So yeah, it was overwhelming. But he warmed up to everyone pretty quickly and then we just had fun.

And then there were presents. Holy cow, do we have a lot of trucks now! But really, Jax is in heaven, as you can see from his face below. That was his general expression as he opened each gift. Wow!

And then there was cake.

Thank you to everyone who came, called, emailed, or thought of Jax on his big day! He is more a toddler than a baby every day, and we are so amazed at how he continues to grow and learn and impress us! We love you, Jax! You'll always be our first little baby boy.

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