Wednesday, October 28, 2009

An Exhausting Equation

Yes, I know, I've been slacking in the blog department. And in the cleaning department. And in the anything but sleeping and eating department. I don't think Jax has noticed my newfound laziness (or if he has, he has chosen to completely ignore it), but I know quite a few people who have. I have been issued a formal complaint that my lack of blog posts is officially offensive. So therefore, I will once again pull the pregnancy card and explain
Pregnancy + One Year Old = Exhausted Beyond Words

Can't really explain it better than that. I use my old blogging time (after Jax goes to bed, during his nap time) to sleep myself! So there has been little to no time for updating you all on the thrilling goings-on here in Vermont. I will try harder. The first trimester is drawing to an end and I am starting to get a bit more energy back. I promise not to use that energy engaging my son, but rather, on the computer, writing to you ;) There, happy?

Baby says he/she will try to behave from now on!


April Stone said...

I'm so tired these days that I can't even imagine having another little one around!!! I've never felt exhaustion like this!!! Thank goodness I've never been sick, just tired and sleep most days :)

Zeller Family said...

Amen Sister!

Dawniebee12 said...

ha! I was missing you...I have definitely been slacking on the cleaning part too, but I have no excuse!