Saturday, January 29, 2011

JDubbs the Photog

Today's photos are courtesy of a guest photographer, my wonderful husband JDubbs.

He spends 95% of the time in front of the camera rather than behind.  Probably because I never give him the chance to do otherwise.  But a few nights ago while I was horsing around with the kids, he scooped up the camera and took the opportunity to capture me having some fun.

Now that Em is crawling, she and Jax are getting along great.  He is so much more interested in her and she is a blast.  They both get going and all we do is laugh. 

Our beautiful babies.

Great pictures, Daddy!  You captured some amazing moments.

And for those of you using Lightroom, these shots were taken inside with a flash--usually my least favorite way to take pictures--but I used Black and White Creative Look 4 Preset.  I toned down the brightness and upped the luminance and I think made the most of them.  I'll be doing that to my grainy indoor pics from now on!


Karen said...

Love the pics. JDubbs did good! Wish my J would pick up the camera!

Alana said...

It was fun to see pictures from JDubbbs' perspective! And he did a good job too. :-)

-Sam I Am- said...

Hi!! I saw your post on FTLOB's "Behind the Lens" group and I just wanted to drop in and say hello :) and also pass on a little project that you might be interested in!!

It's called the photo swap. My friend Kendra started it a few months ago and it has just been a blast to do!

Come check it out! I think being a photography lover (like myself!) will really enjoy it:

Here's how far the swap has come:

I hope to see you there!
The photos of you and your boys are phenomenal!!! We would love to have a talented little photography like yourself join us!!