Friday, January 28, 2011


Setting:  My bathroom, yesterday
Characters:  Me, Jax, and Em
Background:  Jax entertained Em with instruments (best dual interactive toy yet*) while I took a shower.  Normally she screams from the moment I put her down until I pick her up again, still dripping wet and soap still in my hair.  I was so happy and proud of him for being such a great helper and big brother.

Me:  Jax, you did such a great job playing with Em.  Thank you so much!
Jax:  Okay, Mom.
Me:  You have become such a great big brother.  You play so nicely with her now.  When you two grow up, are you going to watch out for her?
Jax:  Yes.
Me:  Are you going to love her and be her friend?
Jax:  Yes.
Me:  Are you going to teach her and show her the ropes?
Jax:  Yes, Mom.  (pause, looking around)  Hmm.  Mom?  Where ARE the ropes?

Today I woke Jax up from his nap and said, "What do you want to do this afternoon?"  He said, "Find the ropes, Mom!"

*In case you're interested, here are the instruments I was talking about.