Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jax's First Christmas!

Jax's first Christmas was a delightful yet hectic one, and it started on December 23rd as we drove down to Civiliazation to be with Becky's family. We piled into the Highlander with Baxter in the back and we were off. The 23rd was an uneventful day filled with last-minute wrapping and catching up with Becky's mom and sisters. Then the Christmas hustle and bustle began.

Christmas Eve, Becky took Jax to visit her friends. It was a small gathering, but it was so nice to spend time with Shauna's son, Jack, and to see Dawn 18 weeks pregnant! Here she is honing her mothering skills.

Afterward, Jax went back to Grammy's for a costume change (with his new spitting up and drooling habits, he AND Mommy needed quite a few) before heading to Auntie Franny and Uncle Keith's house to see more family. Jax didn't get much of a nap thanks to Uncle Bobby, but he was a good sport and enjoyed his first family affair on Mommy's side. He was very spoiled by everyone and we made it in the car before the meltdown began.

Christmas morning was fabulous, especially since we had a very full house! Here are all of the stockings Santa had to fill:

Our niece and nephew Erika and Christian were wonderful--being with children on Christmas morning just makes the day ultra-special. Here they are opening their Nintendo DS video games.

Jax didn't really understand the whole opening presents idea, but he was happy and awake the entire time anyway.

We headed back to Vermont after a yummy breakfast, just in time for Jax's morning nap. We arrived at Nana and Papa's house to celebrate yet again, this time with JDubbs's family.

Uncle Tom and Aunt Molly made the trip, and Jax was excited to see them. And snuggle.

And the best gift of all was when Molly and Tom announced that they are expecting their first baby in August! A new little cousin for Jax, who will be less than 10 months older!

We had a beautiful dinner with Nana, Papa, Grandmere, and Auntie Jenny to end an eventful but rewarding few days. Needless to say, we were all pretty tired, especially Jax, who was exhausted but content.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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