Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Updates and a New Friend

All is going well for us up here in Vermont, but I thought I'd give our friends and family a few little updates that don't really deserve their own postings, so I'll lump them all together...

First, an update on his sleep training. We're not following the protocol exactly, but the good news is that he is happier (i.e. we don't starve him to get to four hours anymore) since JDubbs's cousin Jaime gave me the idea to feed him five 5 ounce bottles instead of four 6 ounce bottles. He gets one more ounce and he eats more often, which makes the day go more pleasantly. This in turn has led to him having an actual bedtime routine, since we can predict when his last bottle will be. We give him a bath some nights, but others we just massage him with yummy lavendar-smelling baby lotion, get him in his pjs, and I give him his bottle while Daddy reads him his bedtime stories. It's really the best part of my day by far. :) Then I finish his bottle and tuck him in--and so far it's working! He actually goes right to bed and sometimes doesn't wake up for several hours. Last night he had a snack around 10 pm and didn't wake up until 4:45 am! We'll take nights like that any day...

Update on how he's growing: Quickly!! He had his 2 month doctor appointment today and he weighs 14 lbs 5 oz (94th percentile) and is 25" long (97th percentile). The only thing that is average on him is his head--50th percentile--although it doesn't look too small for his body. He's just going to be a big guy like his Daddy! Here they are together with Baxter.

He also had his first round of vaccinations (a little altered from the recommended schedule) but he still had to have three shots. Poor little guy, I couldn't look! Luckily Daddy was there to hold his hand so I could cover my eyes!

Lastly, Jax has a new friend: his little ducky rattle.

We brought it to the doctor's office today and it was the perfect diversion. He also loves to stare at it during tummy time. It is really too cute...obviously I had to take pictures--when do I not?

His faces kill me ;)

We hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year!

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