Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Tasty Tradition

Last year we rekindled the annual tradition of decorating Christmas cookies.  It was a yummy and fun way to get excited for the holidays, so of course we were excited to do it again this year!  Last time Jax was just a little over one year old, so he was content to just have one cookie and enjoy it while we worked on the others.  This year was a little different.

Jax was a cookie-eating machine.  We should have known.

We did get him to actually decorate one or two,

but he only obliged as a means to an end.  Decorating was the fastest route to eating.

Papa thought so, too!

I didn't really get to decorate too much since I was taking pictures and trying to keep Jax from eating more than his share, but it definitely brought out JDubbs and Jen's inner children.  They were teasing each other and sabotaging each other's cookies like they were ten years old again!  Here is a picture of a more mature moment:

And here's one of Jax enjoying yet another cookie:

And reaching for another:

When Papa was finished, he showed Em all our hard work.  He helped her pick out her favorite--one of his, so he says!  Next year, Em, you'll be helping, too!

And we didn't forget a weekly tradition that occurs every Sunday night at Nana and Papa's house--winding the grandfather clock, or "Papa clock" as it is known around here.  It's one of Jax's favorite traditions with his Papa and he would never let him forget to do it!

He loves learning all about the clock's inner workings and watching the gears turn.  Kind of like his little mind!

Another great day, celebrating more family traditions to remember and look forward to each year.  This Christmas has really been full of wonderful memories!

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Aj said...

that was just wonderful. thank you for sharing :) i love you!