Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Sweetest Things

Earlier this holiday season, a friend of mine asked me if our kids were too young to do gingerbread houses this year.  "Mine is," I answered without hesitation.  Ugh.  The idea of the mess, the chaos, the sugar high, the sugar crash, do I really let him eat it, and what would I do with Em? was very overwhelming to me, so I figured it could be a Christmas pastime to look forward to next year.  But then, when Jax's dear friend Nia was going to make them and invited us over, I couldn't resist.  Not only because the personal responsibility on my part would be minimal (thanks, Amy!), but mostly because it was going to be a memory-making moment; I could feel it.  And since Amy and Nia were the ones who told us about the tree lighting in Hanover that turned out to be such a great time, I figured I would trust their instincts once more.

Jax and Nia were so attentive and polite, waiting for Amy to explain what to do with their "gingerbread homes," as Nia called them.  So sweet!  Although I do see that Jax had already started working on that bottom left corner a bit...

Em played happily at Jax's feet like a good puppy, waiting to see if any scraps came her way.  Do you think Jax let even one shred of coconut snow or a stray Smartie escape his greedy fingers? Not a chance, and obviously, I wasn't about to introduce Em to candy just yet--the girl can barely swallow baby food!  And yes, obviously, she's still a baby.  But she waited there patiently just in case.

The homes were made with the best and sweetest things, not the least of which were fun and good friendship and holiday cheer.

And lots of sprinkles.  Red.  His favorite.

And did Em get even a sniff of holiday goodness?

Not a one.

Jax and Nia has a fabulous day together, as usual.  And Nia is such a sweet girl that she makes Em feel included, too.  The three of them are going to be good buddies, no matter where Nia and her family move in the spring.

 And the final works of art?

Good enough to eat!

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