Monday, October 4, 2010

Still Not Sold

Somebody is still not sold on this solid food thing.

And to make matters worse, weaning is done.  She is officially a formula girl.

To say she's heartbroken may not be an overstatement.  I'm not so psyched about it either, to be honest.  It all kind of ended a lot faster than I thought it would.  I may not have been ready for it.  Don't think she was, either.  But, really, when would we have been?

But look at those cheeks.  She's going to learn to love food, because, come on! She obviously loves it already.  And these pictures are a bit of an exaggeration, since she was really crying to get out of the high chair (JDubbs was in the process), not because she was neglected or didn't like the food.  I swear, I don't just watch my kids cry and take their picture!

Em and I both have to get used to this new form of nourishment, and say goodbye to her baby days of nursing, whether we like it or not. 

Wow, where did the time go?

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lauren & aaron said...

I know how you feel....every time I think about weaning, Micah falls asleep in my arms after nursing and I can't help but be afraid of what I'll miss out on! It has to happen sometime though.....and I can't say I'll miss having to dress for it! ;)