Thursday, May 27, 2010

Being A Mommy Today

What does it mean to be a mom? Well today it meant:

*Bringing Em into bed with us at 5 a.m. which earned me another two hours of sleep

*Being woken up by Jax's cheerful yet demanding "Wake up!" at 7 a.m.  Promptly being commanded to read books while feeding Em, all by 7:05.  Didn't even get to pee yet

*Watching Baby Einstein while feeding Em and having to yell out numbers at the appropriate time or else feeling Jax's wrath

*Taking as quick a shower as humanly possible since Jax was reading quietly in his room and Em was sleeping

*Bribing Jax with stickers to have access to his dirty diaper

*Getting all three of us dressed and out the door by 9:45 a.m.

*Arriving at the door of the local children's museum when it opened at 10.  Unfortunately, a dozen school buses with field trips were also there, waiting, at ten

*Museum with sleeping infant and fearless toddler for one hour.  It was surprisingly fun and easy-going, considering the number of school-aged kids there.  Jax finds them fascinating. It's like being on a  kid safari--he'll watch them from afar, from near; he wants to touch them but isn't sure if they bite

*Half hour car ride of children's music until two friends' birthday party.  Arriving early to have time to feed Em

*Having to physically detach Jax from my body--somebody was very shy today

*Having to clean myself up a half dozen times with a receiving blanket because Em was feeling pukey

*Having to hand Em off to a friend while Jax tried (successfully) to escape out the front door

*Letting Jax eat more cookies than fruit as long as it kept him quiet, happy, and in the house

*Losing a breast pad, searching the vicinity of where I was nursing since I was horrified to imagine my friend's husband or dog finding it later today after we left.  Not finding it.  Having to tell my friend that there was a rogue breast pad in her house.  I found it later in my shirt

*Having to hand off Em to a friend's mother (who I just met) so that I could change Jax's diaper. She did a nice job, for a stranger

*Singing Happy Birthday while strapping Em into her carseat, leaving the party before cake so that Jax could have his binkie and blankie and nap before a true meltdown occured

*Transitioning Jax successfully to his crib to continue his nap

*Putting in a load of laundry

*Folding another load of laundry

*Eating lunch at 2 p.m. (a bowl of cereal--lunch of champions)


And it's only 2:30.  Hopefully

*Napping with Em
starts right now!

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Alana Milton said...

You are seriously super mom. Shoot, I would not have been motivated enough to go to the museum and then to a birthday party!! I hope you get to rest this weekend.