Monday, December 21, 2009

When Dad's Away...

JDubbs had a meeting for the Upper Valley Wilderness Rescue team that he is a part of last Thursday, where he learns techniques to go help rescue people who get lost out in the wilderness (very cool, I know), so Jax and I were left to our own devices. This is no big deal since we're buddies all day every day, but there is one job that is 99.9% Daddy's: bathtime.

I only give Jax a bath when Daddy is not home and he is very dirty. It's very wet and more than a little bit of a handful. Plus, there's something about big man hands that make wrangling a baby in a tub so much easier (plus, I have a belly now, so it's not like I am any more graceful!). But I was hopeful because things started off pretty well. Look how sweet and innocent he looks:

Thanks Auntie Dawn for the towel!

Well, the sweet and innocent part didn't last too long. You know how animals can tell if you're a pushover, so you need to be all pack leader and assertive with them? Well, apparently the same principles apply to bathing toddlers. Jax caught on pretty quickly that Mommy is not the bath-giver that Daddy is (a.k.a. more interested in taking pictures than cleanliness), so he quickly gave me a run for my money. In other words, he started throwing things at me. Wet things. Like rubber ducks and cups full of water. Observe:

And then the diabolical laugh:

I was never so grateful to get a kid in bed as I was Thursday night--I needed to change pj's and had some mopping up to do! Thank you, JDubbs, for being such a hands-on Dad--I appreciate it more every day!

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