Monday, November 30, 2009

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Well, it only took us one year, one month, and four days, but we finally did decide to get Jax's first haircut. Of course we waited for Auntie Molly to get back from maternity leave so that she could do the honors and she did a fabulous job. She didn't take too much off, just the mullet and the hair curling into his ears, plus a little off the top. Jax wasn't as terrible as I'm sure some kids can be, but he was still not pleased to have a plastic cape tied around his neck and his ears folded down for no more than a glorified photo op. He sat on Daddy's lap and, thanks to a blow dryer that blew all his new baby hair away (so no, I didn't save any), he was relatively chill. Here is the play-by-play:
The Before Shot:

The Auntie Molly, What-the-Hell-Are-You-Doing-To-Me? Shot


The What-Did-I-Ever-Do-To-You? Shot

The After Shot

The Handsome Boy Shot

Thank you, Auntie Molly! We wouldn't have wanted to do it with anyone else! You did a beautiful job :)


lauren & aaron said...

i like it, even if jackson will never forgive you. :) it's good to get these really painful memories over with when he can't remember them. maybe you should ground him and take away his allowance preemptively just for that reason.

Zeller Family said...

Wow..she did a great job. I just cut Jordan's hair 2 nights ago and hacked it up :) LOL...I figure it won't be the last time :)