Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Final Fall Days

Fall is drawing to a close, and with it goes one of my favorite things: warmth. Winter is fast approaching, so Jax and I spent some time outside yesterday afternoon to enjoy the delightful forty-five degree weather. Yes, I know, the kid needs some mittens.

One of the most annoying parts of winter is the amount of layers needed to put on a one-year-old, which can equal total discouragement to ever take him outside again. His jacket is so big it goes up to his eyeballs and I never know if he's warm enough. But he didn't seem to mind the cold at all, and was happy exploring the world on the other side of the sliding glass doors.
Watching leaves fall off the front porch was a big hit, which makes me excited for how entertaining snow is going to be (not that I'll be taking him out in it--that adventure has Daddy and Baxter written all over it. Talk about layers!). Jax points at everything and tells me what it is--in baby gibberish, of course, although he does have a few more words. One day he's going to say "giant excavator" and blow me away.

He is a Vermont boy for sure, loving exploring and being outside. I hope I can keep up with him throughout this pregnancy, and we can enjoy the changing of the weather (as much as humanly possible) together.


Zeller Family said...

Love the photos...stay warm!!! :)

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness, how big he is getting! Every single picture that I see of him, I swear that he couldn't be more adorable....but nope! Every single shot is breathtaking. Enjoy these memories....love you guys!
xoxox Auntie Jessie