Thursday, July 30, 2009

Far Away Friends

This weekend was a long-awaited occassion: Jax got to meet his belly buddy, Aiden Castellan! By belly buddy I mean they were both in the womb at the same time--here they were last year at this time (July 31, 2008):

And here they are now: big, beautiful boys!

Aiden was on the east coast for his baptism, and of course we made the trip down to not only meet him, but Aiden's best friend (and our blogging friend) Jordan Zeller! It was so exciting to see these little guys together, separated by only four months in age.

Here is the best shot I got of the three moms and babies--Jordan was little overtired, but we loved being around him just the same!

It is amazing to me that I was able to see my friend Tricia as a mom--Aiden is so smiley and happy--she is obviously doing a great job! Tricia and I have been friends since kindergarten, close to 25 years! I am thrilled to still have her in my life and to continue in this new stage together. Being a mom has made me grateful that I am able to turn to her for advice all the time!

Jax and Aiden were pretty different, personality-wise. Aiden is really smiley and outgoing and Jax is kind of chill and quiet. Aiden tried really hard to get Jax to play with him, but Jax was more reserved. Hopefully the next time they see each other, Jax will be more fun!

Congratulations on your baptism, Aiden! We loved meeting you and hope we see you again soon! :)

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