Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Red Sox Nation Inductee

Well here it is! The day we have all been waiting for...Opening Day and
Jax's first experience as a Boston Red Sox fan!

He was born during the World Series, but damn those TB Rays--labor would have passed much more
quickly if I could have been rooting for the Sox! So instead we had to wait for Opening Day--a day late thanks to glorious April showers--but a wonderful day, nonetheless :)

First, he had to represent in all his Red Sox finest...

Then we recorded the game and watched it when Daddy got home. He held J and explained the details to him as the game progressed, but Jax only lasted one inning! We'll let it slide this time because it was time for some baby peas, a bath, and off to bed. Well, there are 161 more games to enjoy so he'll have plenty of time to become a devoted member of Red Sox Nation just like the rest of his family!
He'll be cursing the Yankees before we know it ;)

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Zeller Family said...

OKay his outfit is ADORABLE. How much does he weigh now? I just want to squeeze the chubs!!!