Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Bath To Remember

 Jax had a bit of an upset tummy this weekend, thanks to a dose of Civilization tap water (not quite the Vermont spring he's been used to), and he had kind of a major much so that I had to call my mom in to assist and he needed an immediate bath. Grammy happily obliged, since the moment she had been waiting for had finally arrived: giving Jax a bath in her kitchen sink :) She has been counting the days since Jax could sit so she could bathe him in the sink where my niece and nephew took baths also. It was pretty sentimental since my mom is selling her house and this may be one of the last tubs in her house for the grandkids and Jax will be the only one of our kids to have a bath in Grammy's sink on West Street--the same house where I myself had a tub or two in my grandma's kitchen sink next door. So here you go, Grammy!! A bath to remember.


Tammy said...

Aww...that made me a little teary. We'll all miss that house...and those naked babies in the sink!

gramma said...

oh you are a beautiful baby boy! i loved that bath, so wonderful:)much love and so many smoochesxxxxoooo the gramm from mass