Wednesday, April 22, 2009

If At First We Don't Succeed...

As you can see, Jax isn't loving the swings any more than our neighborhood walks.  I'm pretty sure it's the sunshine that has him so grumpy; he loves to swing in his jumper and did pretty well on his walk to the marathon on Monday, since it was overcast. Maybe the warm and bright sunshine just takes a little getting used to, since we are just coming out of hibernation.
Or...maybe he just likes to keep his feet on the ground? I brought him out to hang out on the porch while I threw the ball around with Baxter and he seemed in better spirits. Maybe he just likes to be in control of the situation, which he certainly is not in either the swing or stroller.

Or maybe he just needs a tasty beverage to make the day a little enjoyable. Here he is at the Boston Marathon trying to steal a sip from Daddy's beer. And just in case you're wondering, our tenacious little guy did in fact succeed--he ended up pulling the entire cup over on top of himself, so to passersby I became that mother who either a) smells like beer myself because I am drunk before noon with an infant or b) let my infant himself consume alcohol. Either way, not our best parenting moment.

So if at first we don't succeed, expose him to the sun again and again! Hopefully we'll be walking, playing, and overall loving the sunshine soon enough! Fingers crossed!

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