Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sick Little Leprechaun

Jax celebrated his first St. Patrick's Day (also known as Tyler Dadej's first birthday!) recovering from his first bad cold. His fever was pretty much gone but he still has a bad cough and lots of guck coming out of his nose. He was in good spirits, though, and enjoyed spending the day with his Nana while Mom went off to do some shopping.

I am glad I got a few pictures of him in his green outfit before JDubbs left for work, because after about thirty minutes he puked all over it and he went back into his pjs. Sometimes when you're sick you just want to be comfy and warm! Plus, the outfit was a little snug and short on him--the hat didn't fit at all, even though it was a 3-6 month outfit--so he was better off in his cozies anyway. I especially love the four-leaf clover on the bum :)
Happy St. Patrick's Day from Jax, our little lucky charm :)

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Tricia and Emmett said...

his cheeks in the first pic are to die for :) glad he is feeling better!!