Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friends and Fondue

We have friends! Wait, did I shout that? Let me start again--we have friends! Okay, I can't help it :) Today we had our first social gathering at our house that didn't involve family--we love you family, but it's nice to have a social life beyond people who are bound by blood to love us! So we invited my friends from yoga and the mommy group and their families over for fondue and some NCAA basketball. The basketball games weren't terribly exciting, but I think overall everyone had a great time.

JDubbs got to meet the husbands: John, Matt, and Will. They hit it off immediately and seem to already planning golf, fishing, beer drinking, etc. Basically male bonding time minus the ladies and babies--good for the soul. The girls caught up and played with each others' kids, and then we all enjoyed good old chocolate fondue. Mmmmmm....need I say more?

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Dawniebee12 said...

Sounds like fun! Us Geminis can't be without friends for long or we will go insane! Love ya!