Monday, February 9, 2009

A Breath of Fresh Air

You know you live in Vermont when the thermometer reads 40 degrees and you hurry to take your three-month-old baby outside for some fresh air. Poor Jax has only been outside as he goes to and from the car, as well as a couple of short jaunts in our driveway. Yesterday we bundled him up and celebrated the warmest day of the year (so far) by taking him for a little walk.

Happily for us, he really likes his Baby Bjorn and will go pretty much anywhere in it.

We watched Baxter chase snowballs and got some exercise. Jax took it all in pretty passively, but he did giggle a few times. We can't wait until it thaws out a bit and outdoor excursions can become part of our daily routine!

1 comment:

Zeller Family said...

I love that he looks like a little baby esekimo! super cute. Stay warm!!!