Thursday, February 5, 2009

Baxter's Buddy

Baxter is becoming increasingly protective and aware of Jax as they grow up together. Don't get me wrong; he's no Lassie, but I have noticed that Baxter is more aware of J's emotions and whereabouts. He likes to follow the baby around the house and lays down by us when we read him his goodnight story and give him his last bottle.

Yesterday morning I had the monitor while JDubbs was taking a shower, and I was enjoying my last few moments in bed while Jax chattered away. A few seconds later, his babbles turned into whining and then wimpering. I had just resigned myself to the end of my sleep when I felt something nudge me under the covers. I peeked underneath to find Baxter's nose poking under the comforter. I pulled back the blankets and there he was, looking at me like, "Hey, Mom! Get your lazy butt out of bed! The baby needs you!" As if I need another alarm clock ;) So I got out of bed to see what the baby needed, with Baxter wagging his tail behind me.

Good puppy :)

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