Friday, January 2, 2009

"Wrapped Up In You"

When Jax is sad, I have discovered a way to cheer him up in a mushy, heart-warming way that makes me probably even more happy than him. My sister Jessie has a song she loves that she plays for her kids called "Wrapped Up In You" by Garth Brooks; she says it's "their song." She hopes to dance with my nephew Christian to it at his wedding one day. :) Anyway, there's something about this song that I know makes people in love smile, but I think there's something even more to it if you're a parent. It has such genuine lyrics and they are almost more applicable to a parent/child relationship than a husband/wife one.

So anyway, twice now when Jax has been sad and fussy, I have put on this song and danced around to it and he immediately stopped crying and listened. I did it today and he just snuggled me and quieted right down. It was so adorable that I played it twice. Then, as a test, I put on another song and he started to whine again, like he wanted me to put the song back on! If he didn't weigh almost fifteen pounds, I would probably dance to it with him all day :)

So if you haven't heard this song, you need to download it today. Right now. Even if you don't like country music. If you do know this song and haven't heard it in a while, you need to go listen to it again. And if you know the song and listen to it often, listen to it again just for me. Especially if you have a snuggly little baby at home and feel like dancing.

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