Monday, January 5, 2009

Child Pose

Today Jax and I ventured out into the world of being a duo. During the day, he is my official date, the key to all kinds of new-mommy activities that everyone keeps assuring me are joyous opportunities just waiting to reveal their wonders to us. My skepticism comes from the fact that although I am an outgoing person, I do not do well as the new face in the crowd, and my cynical side says that I will feel like I am at an AA meeting.

Me, very red in the face: "Hi, I'm Becky and this is Jax."
Everyone else as a chorus: "Hi Becky!"

I know in my rational brain that this will certainly be far from the truth, but the irrational and apparently more prevelant side keeps me from joining these Mommy & Baby groups to make connections and perhaps even new friends in Vermont. I can't explain it--I just know that I do not do well in those situations.

So today I ventured off my usual beaten path; I tried something old, yet something new. When I lived in Connecticut I went to yoga once a week, religiously. Now five years and one baby later, I can barely touch my toes and I am certain that getting my body in motion in any way is better than doing Jax and I headed to Mommy and Me yoga.

I was under the impression that Jax was going to be the star of the show and that I was there for facilitation and transportation. To my surprise (and eventually excitement), the Moms are the focus of the class and the babies are just bystanders. Putting myself before my newborn? What is that like? There were nine moms there with ten babies (yes, someone brought 9-month-old twins) and the babies kept themselves occupied while Mommy did rounds of sun salutations and core strengthening. How does it work, one might ask? Surprisingly well, actually. The babies lay there and gaze at their mommy contorting herself into funny positions, and the toddlers crawl and roll away as fast as their chubby limbs will let them, only to be scooped up by their or someone else's mom as soon as they appear to have wandered too far. Hungry babies are fed right there in the room. One older boy used his mom as a jungle gym as she tried to hold the various poses--AND she was noticeably pregnant--God, was she impressive!

Jax was fabulous--I think he really enjoyed the movement and sounds of all the other children, plus watching me make a fool of myself was certainly entertaining as well. This was my first form of exercise since he was born and I could definitely feel it! But he cheered me on with smiles and his little noises, and the hour went by quicker than I anticipated. He finally did have to eat--I was the only bottle-feeder, I noticed--so I missed the last ten minutes or so, but he loved the Om chants at the end.

An unexpected bonus is that most of the ladies go to lunch at the restaurant next door afteward, so there may be a chance for me to make friends without the pressure of organized meetings. I think this may be the key for me to meet new mommies and for Jax to make a friend or two himself. Who could resist a smile like his?

He'll be my Wing Man, and hopefully in a few months I'll feel better about myself, have some newfound confidence, and we'll have a new friend or two to show for it.


The Dadej Family said...

I love your experience! I'm so happy you found a cool activity.

Alana said...

This sounds like a really cool group...and much more fun than other playgroups. I love yoga, even though I haven't done it for a long time.