Monday, January 12, 2009

Babe Magnet

Becky and Jax went to Mommy and Me yoga again this morning, and it was as enjoyable as remembered. Again there were several mommies but this time more babies Jax's age. We were next to a three-month-old girl named Georgia and they made eyes at each other most of the time, much to Georgia's delight. He's already impressing the ladies! Then, before we left for lunch, another little girl walked over (so she must have been about a year--he likes the older women), bent down, and kissed Jax on the head. Only eleven weeks old and already a first kiss, never mind having to juggle more than one girl at once! He really is a ladies' man!

Of course, he behaved like a gentleman at lunch with about eight other mommies and babies. It was a very enjoyable morning in every aspect--some exercise, good food, nice people--and Jax was on his best behavior. I really couldn't ask for more than his sweet temperment for two and a half hours while I tried to have some semblance of a life. What a good Wing Man he's turning out to be (and I guess I'm helping his love life, as a bonus ;)

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