Friday, January 16, 2009

Best Week Ever

It comes as a surprise to no one but me and JDubbs that if we just left J to his own devices, he would sleep through the night on his own. Of course, we read too many books and overthink things instead of just letting nature take its course, so when he slept from his bedtime (around 8:30 pm) until 6 am Sunday night, we figured it had to be an anomaly. But he did it again Monday night and so on, all the way until last night. Five nights of fabulous sleep! I'll admit, we had some issues Tuesday night because we listened to that book again (I know, I know) and tried not to feed him when he woke up for a snack at 1:45 am. Instead we tried everything else to "soothe" him, when all he wanted was to eat! Lesson learned when we were up until 3:30 after that. So now we agreed to feed him when he's hungry, but we haven't had to--he has slept through the night every night since! If this doesn't qualify for Best Week Ever, I don't know what will.

Here is a video of our oh-so-active 12-week-old; now that he has had a good night's sleep, he wakes up ever so cheerful. Here he is at 7:00 am:

The only bad news for the week is that he has his first cold and can be a little grumpy. Also, it is -16 degrees outside, but who's counting?


Zeller Family said...

I'm sooooooo jealous! You are sooooooo lucky! Jordan is the worst sleeper ever! Count your blessings! :) Good for you that your little man is sleeping through the night. What I wouldn't do for one night of sleep! :)

Dawn said...

Love that video! So cute! I only hope our baby sleeps through the night too...crossing my fingers on that!