Monday, May 23, 2011

When It Rains, It Pours

I don't know if I can talk about it.  I can't say too much right now because all my energy and effort needs to be focused on the fact that my wonderful little external hard drive that stores ALL MY PHOTOS has decided it was going to self destruct.  Suddenly there is nothing on it, it has a new drive name, and it says there are 0 files. 

Is there are a way to download my files back from Kodak Gallery?

* * * * *

The Good News: my beloved Adobe Lightroom editing software has been backing up my photos for me for all of 2011. 

The Bad News: They are the RAW, unedited photos.  So much editing to redo.  Well, at least I have them.  And I'm pretty sure I have most of the other ones stored on another drive.  Time to start figuring out "The Cloud."  Whatever the hell that is.

Suicide watch over.

* * * * *

So I will take my baby to the Geek Squad tomorrow and hopefully they will fix it.  Otherwise, I will begin re-editing my latest photos and get Rub Some Dirt On It back on track very soon!  But if you need some good reading material between now and then, head over to Melanie's blog, Reasons To Skip The Housework, to see my guest post and remember my fabulous DIY Dump Truck craft.  Something to do to fill the void that is my blog right now.

Thanks for understanding!


Elise Ann Wormuth said...

Oh, so sorry -- I don't know about Kodak, but there's a way to download from flickr, so probably yes. You've probably heard this already, but external hard drives are pretty cheap these days, and they are good for backup . . .

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

Oh my goodness, I don't know the answers to your questions because I am a fool, but I wanted you to know that I feel super bad for you. So stressful!!!!!

Ross said...

I have just started to use an external hard drive. There is just too much at risk with all the pictures I have. I'm sorry your having trouble but I'll be awaiting your new posts when you get them up!!

Zeller Family said...

Sorry chica. My advice going forward - I back up my photos on 2 hard drives...doube the work but double saved. Kodak has the ability to turn on - download files - so YES. Go on Kodak on each album and turn that functionailty on. Then you can download them all. They may not be as high res, but who CARES! They will be there!!!

Kayla Sue said...

Oh, this scares me. I do not ever want to lose my photos!!! Glad you at least have the originals! And that reminds me to pack my external hard-drive into the tornado bag!

Ashley D. said...

I will never forget the day Emma and her sweet baby self got a hold of my jump drive and broke it. That jump drive contained ALL of my writing from like EVER! I was DEVASTATED and no, I never got it back. The jump drive was not repairable. It was a sad time! :( But, at least you have your photos. Hopefully, the Geek Squad will be able to help you!

Coffee Please!?! said...

oh my! that would definitely have me teetering on the edge. new follower from today's hop ... hope you can stop by: