Sunday, May 22, 2011

A New Sponsor!

Happiness is making new friends!  And I have a great one to introduce to you!

Her name is Sinea Pies (pronounced SEENA) and she writes a great new blog called Ducks 'n A Row.  She writes about organization and how to declutter your life and your home!  She is also very optimistic and looks at life in such a postive way.

Here's a quick glimpse into who Sinea is, from her About Me page:

I love organizing, time management, money-saving strategies and anything to do with parenting, family, cooking, dogs, and being involved in schools.  I love to encourage and give people hope. I love to make big mountains look like little mole hills. And that is what I hope to do for you, as you read and share along with me. To me, organizing and planning is almost therapeutic. “When life is out of control, clean a drawer!” My theory is that, if you can find one little place and focus on making it look good, it boosts your morale. It gives you hope.

I hope you take a minute to go explore her site today!  Her button is also in my sidebar for quick access to her site.

Facebook Fanpage:

Welcome, Sinea!

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Lisa said...

Cool site, love the header photo! Stopping by from the Monday blog hop. =)
~Penny Wise

Sinea said...

Thanks for the great intro, Becky!