Friday, May 27, 2011

Just What I Deserved

I can see how I am going to have to keep my wits about me when my kids are older.  Without question, I will fall for the old sibling You cause a diversion and I'll wreak havoc routine.  It's so easy to get sucked in to one kid's cuteness and forget that there's another one skulking around, stealthily abusing my momentary lapse in diligence.  I can only imagine if there were three or four of them!  I'd be putty in their hands, if they were smart enough to gang up against me.  Even with the two I have, I can be manipulated pretty easily.

Exhibit A.

Em knew that insisting on going out of the house with her cute shoes, strands of beads and rainhat on would cause me to run inside to grab my camera.  She began playing the Will-I-Or-Won't-I-Eat-This-Rock? game... I was sufficiently distracted to let her brother get into a touch of mischief. 

Please note how her foot is looped through her necklaces,

so when she tried to stand up, she couldn't straighten.  Caused quite a fuss. 
Enough for me to be oblivious to the slealthy silence which is never good when you have a two-year-old running loose.

Sigh of acknowledgement.  I have been bested.

I am of the parenting school of thought that if they're already dirty/messy/need to be changed, might as well grab your camera and have a good laugh.  No way to go back.  And really?  Do I want to?

Also, why should I yell at him?  I'm the one who wasn't paying attention.  I got what I deserved.


As they say, kids will be kids!

So I loaded Em into her carset so I wouldn't be double-crossed (Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me!), took off Jax's shirt, and let him have a few minutes of fun.

I know, he looks like an extra for The Village People.  Gardener Spice. 

 Whatever.  It's hilarious.  Shirt could come off, but the red beads had to stay.  Maybe Em has been giving him some fashion advice.  Accessories at all times!

My favorite photo:

Hilarious.  Can you imagine if he had squeezed it?  Right up his nose.

And then, someone had to be the bad cop and take the hose away.  We had to take our dog to the vet.  I had no choice but to be the voice of reason.

Again.  Hilarious.  I stung him to the core.

Look at the betrayal in his eyes.  How could you?!  Trying one last time to wrangle the hose himself and regain power over the situation.  I'm so cruel.  I find his attempts at vengeance completely amusing.

Sorry, buddy.  You got me once, but I'm on to your little game.  Send the cute, chubby, little one out to be photographed and then conquer and destroy behind my back.  I'm not falling for it again.

Let's be real.  Who am I kidding?  I'm an easy mark.  I got just what I deserved, and undoubtedly it will happen again and again.


Jessica said...

Hilarious! These pictures are priceless! They become smarter than we are so early...

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

They are absolutely precious! And you are in big trouble, missy for putting that hose away ;)

Rosann said...

This is so awesome! I love the pictures. They tell the story so vividly and you are a fantastic photographer. Sounds like you are also the coolest mom EVER! At least you were until you took the hose away and got back to the business at hand. :)

Many blessings,

Diane and Chad said...

Brought all kinds of smiles to my cute, love the photos, especially because of the possibility of water-covered camera!!

Anonymous said...

Fun photos. Dustyn gets messy/dirty every day. lol.