Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Some Spring In Our Step

Have you had a long winter?  Need a little bit of summer lovin'?

Make it happen.

Every Sunday we have a meal at my in-laws' house as an extended family, but this week Nana and Papa had a great idea to beat the winter doldrums and put a little spring in our step.

Welcome to our winter cookout, where the tricycle and tee ball stand were waiting for us in the driveway, begging us not to scurry inside as usual but to stay out and play a while.  An excellent excuse to put on some shorts and flip flops, eat hot dogs and hamburgers off the grill while listening to Jimmy Buffett.  A good day and welcome, hopeful change.  Hoping spring will be here soon!

A good excuse to try out our homemade binoculars and do some birdwatching.  Welcome back, wildlife!  Don't mind the snow; it's on its way out!

Just because the winter has seemed endless (and yes, there is more on the horizon for tomorrow) doesn't mean you can't create a reason to celebrate and get together.  Throw the last of your firewood in the the fireplace, crank up the heater, whatever you have to do to add a little sunshine to your day and celebrate spring.  It's coming.  I promise, it will be here soon.

Our afternoon was spent chatting, snacking, reading...

Yes, it's the same book.  He coerced both grandparents into reading it, in the same special reading spot.  It's one of those I Spy books where he has to look for specific things on a very busy page.  Not my pick for Sandbox Book Club this week but may be very soon!

It was fun to be with family, especially mid-day since we usually go over for dinner and eat after the kids are in bed.  This was a nice change because Jax and Em got to join us at the table and enjoy the goodies with the rest of us.

Thank you, Nana and Papa, for putting some spring in our step and making the cold weather feel that much warmer!  Being with family and enjoying the small things always makes for a great day, but the optimistic feeling that lingered after a day like this has made the cold just a little more bearable.  If you're feeling like you need a little pick-me-up, crack open a Corona and fire up the grill.  Spring isn't too far away!


The Unglamorous Mommy said...

Looks like a blast!!

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Aaron said...

That's so sweet! What a good Nana and Papa. :)

Marcy said...

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What cute pictures! And yes, this has felt like the longest winter!

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Wife on the Roller Coaster
Wife on the Roller Coaster

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Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Ha! I love it. Nothing like bright colors and flip flops to make you warm up :)

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