Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dirt Cheap Advertising

Hello, friends!  The time has come for me to take the plunge into the wild world of sponsorship.  I'd like to share with you an opportunity to become one of my first sponsors!  I am branching out and accepting advertising on my blog because it's either that or get a part-time job at Panera, so we'll see how this goes first. 

Not literally on this blue door, but you get the idea

Why Should You Spend Your Hard-Earned Money Here?

Here are my statistics, as of today, 3.30.2011
  • I have been blogging for my family and friends since 2008, but only really put my blog out there for public consumption in February 2011.
  • Since then, I have grown from 32 to 260 followers (an 800% increase in two months)
  • I had 10,305 pageviews last month, up from about 3,000 the month before
  • I'm averaging about 500 pageviews per day
  • I have 62 followers on Twitter
  • I have 55 friends who like my page on Facebook and 137 people who like my homepage
  • I have had two features on in the last month and have had my crafts featured on three different websites recently; you can see the links here
As you can see, I haven't been doing this very long, but I've already had excellent exposure and an amazing increase in followers. And I don't simply ask people to follow me back to boost my numbers; these are people who (I hope!) genuinely like my site.

Here's what I'm offering: 

  • A 150 x 150 or 150 x 200 ad placed in my sidebar, depending if your button is square or rectangular
  • At least one featured post per month with details about your blog and any specific info you'd like to share
  • Facebook and Twitter shout outs about your blog and any link ups, blog hops, and/or memes you offer
  • I'd love to promote your etsy shop with a discount for my readers, a promotion, giveaway, etc.  I'd be happy to work something out 

Everything listed above, with an ad in a prime location, for the following prices:

 $5 per month 

$12 for 3 months 

If you're interested, please leave me a comment with your contact info or you can contact me via email at  I'm excited to begin working with you!  I hope this turns out to be a successful venture for us all!


XLMIC said...

You are just kickin' some serious azz! What an increase! To what do you attribute it? Are you willing to share your tips for success? The sponsor thing sounds interesting... I'll be mulling that over.

Becky said...

I'd say most of my new followers are through link-ups highlighting my crafts and photography. Those sites draw like-minded people and so they're more interested in following me because they are interested in the same things. And I never sleep! :) I probably work on the blog 4-5 hours per day. It's all about promotion, networking, and being organized. It can be tiring, but it's working! :) Thanks for asking

XLMIC said...

Thanks for giving me the low-down :) I've started doing a little more networking and hops and link-ups... just a little bit... and have started having a little more traffic... maybe 3x what I was 6 weeks ago. I'll keep plugging away! Wishing you all the best!