Monday, February 7, 2011

What I Know

This blog is not supposed to make me out to be anything more than what I am: imperfect and constantly learning.  Even with two kids I stumble upon or discover or hear from a friend new ideas, tricks, or trades that make my day a little easier.  I found such a trick, in the baby food aisle of Target (the nearest of which is over an hour from me here...sigh...), that taught my fine-motor-skills-challenged daughter how to hold food and feed herself.  And now I will share such a find with you.

Baby Mum-Mums.  Rice cake ovals that dissolve easily, are big enough to hold, don't break into big chokey pieces, and don't make a terrible mess.

Also, when I need a minute to get my act (and her dinner) together, BMM distracts her long enough to keep me from giving her something quick and not necessarily healthy.

And this is not a shameless plug, I get no money or anything from BMM.  I just love them and love sharing things I love and learn with you!

(And if you're interested, here they are: Baby Mum-Mums.  Easier than driving to Target!)

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Karen said...

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