Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Tease

A couple of days this week we got a taste of spring.  The temperature soared near fifty degrees and the walk to the car was actually pleasant instead of the braced-against-the-wind shuffle we usually do, with me fighting with Jax to please just let me buckle you into your carseat without a fight because it's so darn cold!  Daddy was able to completely clear the deck of snow and we played out there for a little while yesterday.  Of course, winter came back with a vengeance last night, causing us to lose power for a little while, knocking huge branches into our driveway and dusting us with an inch of snow, but for a moment there, we were able to appreciate the coming of spring.

Jax helped Daddy clear the deck with his favorite toy, the red shovel...

and then he got to show off his muscles

That is his muscles! face.  He always says it with such concentration, screwing up his mouth into a tough guy face, flexing his little bird arms, making tight fists.  He says all manly words with a gravelly man voice.  It requires all his energy, especially when he is measuring things that Daddy does, drawing out his words and emphasizing them: Look at my muscles!  We're going to Home Depot!  Daddy is so strong!  Daddy reached so high!  Daddy is so tall!  In case you haven't noticed, Daddy does just about everything right around here.  I'd probably get something like, Mommy can eat so many pancakes!  Hey, whatever I can do to impress him.

Em was not sure about the whole warm weather thing.  She wasn't buying it.  Remember, it's only February guys!  She seems like kind of a skeptic, doesn't she?  It's like she's waiting for the world outside our door to impress her. 

Hasn't seen anything to write home about yet.

Yeah, this outside stuff is alright, but where's that sun I've heard so much about?  Jax, can you find it?

Sure, Em, it's right over...

Hmmmm.  Okay, maybe it's over there...

Uh, nope.  Okay, I give up.

Daddy, where is the sun again?  I thought you said it was springtime.

What?  It's still winter?  That's crap; I'm going inside.

Soon, babies!  I promise we will spend some part of every day outside, soaking in that sunshine.  It does exist, just give me some time.  This year is going to be awesome.

Oh, yeah, don't forget we still have to get through Mud Season first.  Thanks, Vermont.


KY said...

Your son is the cutest! And your photography is AMAZING - what kind of camera do you own?

Ann Wyse said...

Love the subdued color in these photos!

Becky said...

I have just a good old Canon Rebel XS and edit all my photos in Adobe Lightroom, which I love love love! :) Thanks for the compliments, ladies!