Friday, February 4, 2011

The Joy of Love #4: Underpants

I've been quasi-participating in an online photography tutorial called The Joy of Love.  Only quasi- because I hadn't actually contributed anything yet--I've just been reading her ideas and tips and waiting for inspiration.  It's a daily photography group that submits pictures of those they love with a specific focus, and since I do that daily anyway, I just have to try to make my pictures fit the daily discussion.  Today was the first day I participated because the discussion is what they wear.

And yesterday, for the first time, Jax wore Big Boy Underpants.  Yes, in capital letters.

He wore them over his diaper because he is so completely removed from potty training that him going sans diaper and just underwear is not even on our radar.  But we were in Walmart the other day and when I showed him the package of Big Boy Underwear, he said he wanted them.  And then, he actually wore them.  This is a big step in this household!  To buy diapers for only one child would be amazing.

By the way, there's another picture of him rocking his tighty whiteys on the 365 Project.

Ahh, potty training...we'll get there someday!  I have a really great book that is helping us in this transition, which I will be sharing very soon!

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