Friday, February 11, 2011

Happiest Diaper Rash On The Block

January 2011 may as well have been known as Em's Neverending Month of Misery.  Except she's so damn happy when she's sick, even when she has a diaper rash that made a room full of veteran mothers gasp.  The earache we took her to the ER for on January 1st (our first act as a family in 2011) didn't take to the antibiotic, but she didn't let on that she wasn't 100% other than not sleeping well.  Three weeks later she had her nine month appointment and low and behond, we discover she still has a bit of an ear infection, probably the same one since the beginning of the month.  Normally, you would think that we would have a miserable, grumpy, clingy, unhappy little peanut.  Who had the world's worst diaper rash, thanks to her new antibiotic. 

Want to see how miserable she is?

Airing out her poor little bum, but smiling nonetheless.

Some maracas and a comfy towel.  Her mama and some undivided attention.

My baby girl is so sweet.  Even on her worst days she's still a smiley little mushball.  Learning and playing and laughing, even when she can't wear a diaper because her poor little bum is in such bad shape.

So the Neverending Month of Misery turned out to be just another month in the life of my baby girl.  Her parents were the worse for the wear, but only for worry and a little less sleep.  If only I could be a bit more like her when I grow up.

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Zeller Family said...

What a beautiful little trooper!