Monday, March 29, 2010

The Pink Party

Sunday was a big day for Baby Em--she was showered with gifts, love, and attention, and she's not even here yet! The little details were so sweet;  Nana and Jen did a fabulous job coordinating a low-key but beautiful mini-shower for me and Baby. It was just my mom, sisters, Jen, Nana, and Molly, as well as some of my friends and their babies. It was a small group but we had a lovely time!

We enjoyed yummy food, pretty pink decorations, and spent time with friends and family. Em is such a lucky girl to already be surrounded by so many people who love her!

Unfortunately, I was busy so I didn't take many pictures, and stupidly I didn't take any family or group shots. But here is a sweet one of Tommy and Nana! Tommy is dreaming of the day when he won't be the baby of the family--not too far away now!

What a beautiful day, Jen and Nana! It was a perfect day and everyone was so generous.
Thanks, everyone!

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