Friday, June 18, 2010

Jax's Tail

The first of many hilarious things that will come out of Jax's mouth as he learns to talk:

Jax was reading one of his favorite books with his Nana, all about the ABC's.  C is for Cat.  D is for Dog.  When he got to C they were talking all about the cat.  The cat is yellow.  It has a tail.  Then, on the next page was the dog.  The dog is brown. It has a tail. 

According to Nana, the next conversation went like this.

Jax, pointing to the kitty's tail.:  "Kitty's tail." 
Nana:  "Yes, that's the kitty's tail."
Jax, pointing the doggy's tail:  "Doggy's tail."
Nana:  "Yes, that's the doggy's tail."
Jax, pointing to his little boy parts:  "Jax's tail."
NanaUh oh.  "Well..."

I can't imagine where we go from here!

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