Monday, May 18, 2009

Jax & Abby

Oh, Jax and his ladies! But this weekend was something special. He and I traveled down to Connecticut to meet Abigail Rose Rivera, the daughter of a great friend of mine from college, Nicole. Abby is just 12 weeks old and she is so sweet and beautiful! It is so wonderful to get to see my friends as they become parents, and Nicole and Carlos are doing a great job with Abby as you can see!

They got along great and I can imagine future gatherings with these two getting into trouble together. Jax loved to pat her head--probably jealous of all her hair!--and I had to make sure he was gentle enough with her. He is a bruiser, after all! But I know the next time we see her she'll be able to hold her own, especially once she's sitting.


It was great to see my girlfriends and catch up with Mel, Nicole, Jenn, Nancy, and Vim. I love being able to see them more often, especially now that our families are all growing! Yea for good friends and babies! :)

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