Thursday, January 20, 2011


It's no secret that I have been anxiously awaiting the moment when Jax treats Em more like a sister and less like a punching bag.  So many of my friends are having their second child and so far mine are the only kids who have needed a restraining order.  Of course J was never maliciously hurtful to Em--well, maybe once or twice--but it was more like general disinterest growing to annoyance.  Sometimes that annoyance erupted into frustration, which led to a kick or whack or two, always propely handled and disciplined.  But that doesn't mean that I haven't been waiting for more than eight months for the moment to come when Jax and Em became friends.

That moment has been creeping up on us, slowly but surely.  As we all knew he would, as she got more interesting, he became more interested, until finally he started seeking out her company.  Now he wants to go wake her up from her nap and when she cries he jumps up and down and sings to her to make her stop.  He will randomly share toys or give her a noggin, and my heart just about melts with happiness.  But those moments are sporadic and few, so I hardly ever get a picture without bribery.

Until yesterday.  The day I have been waiting for.  Em was taking an epic nap, which I appreciated, but it was well past her bottle time and I didn't want it to get too close to dinnertime, so I asked Jax to help me wake her up.  He was so excited and ran into her room to jostle her awake.  I took her out of her carseat (where she had been napping--I will miss you, bucket carseat, when you're gone!) and sat down to give her her bottle.  Jax came over and leaned on my lap saying, "My feed Em bottle?" (doesn't quite have his pronouns down yet, sweet boy).  What?  He wanted to purposefully hold her, let her lay on his lap, and feed her a bottle?  "You want to feed her?"  Affirmative.  Okay, here we go.

What an amazing surprise!  Happiness for all.

He was oh-so-careful and paid close attention to the bubbles, making sure they stayed in the bottle and away from the nipple.  Such a conscientious big brother.

And then the snuggling, oh, the snuggling! The photos I have coveted and sighed over, siblings demonstrating their love for each other, finally!  These moments were mine to enjoy and document as the day when Jax took the ropes as big brother and ran with it.

I feel like he's whispering secrets in her ear and she is savoring every moment of his nearness. 

Oh, my baby boy, growing up to be the brother I always dreamed you'd be.  Oh, baby girl, who didn't wiggle or fuss or yelp, even when he let his hand drift and the bottle drop down.  She just waited patiently for him to fix it and be there for her, like she always hoped he would be.  As much as she loves her mommy and daddy, there is no one that holds a candle to her big brother.

Finally.  An authentic sibling moment.  How I've waited for you!

Absolutely worth the wait.


Karen said...

YAY!! That is AWESOME! Congrats Mommy =)

Natalie Lovins said...

Very Exciting!!! And LOVE the pictures. So dear.

Aj said...

o man.. i love it so much!!!!!! yay! this is so exciting!