Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dear Morgan

This little beauty is Morgan Marie Stone, Em and Jax's secondish cousin (JDubbs and her mommy, April, are cousins) and one of the prettiest little girls on the west coast.  And also, one of the most fashionable.  Morgan was born six weeks before Miss Em.

She never leaves the house without a bow in her hair, and after many comments and compliments on my part, April sent Em a care package full of hair bows and hats and headbands!  She only had to wait 8 months for Em's hair to grow in a little in order to do it!  Morgan, on the other hand, has always been blessed with those gorgeous locks.

So here is a thank you note for Morgan from Em.  Cousins who will meet in the not-terribly-distant future, we hope!

Dear Morgan,

I just received your care package in the mail and I am so excited to start accessorizing!  Your note was so sweet; it made me feel like we were talking.  You have such great penmanship; when do you have time to work on that?

So the first thing I did when I opened the package and saw all those beautiful hair accessories was to beg my mommy for a photo shoot!  I don't know if your mommy is as crazy as mine, but she is always trying to take my picture so of course she said yes!  And Jax was napping so it was the perfect time (and yes, to answer your question, he is cute but he is such a pain!).  First we tried on the hats.
Unfortunately, my head (or my "dome" as my mom calls it.  She is so embarrassing) is a little too big for them.  But I am so flattered that you thought my head was that small!

As you can tell, I had a bit of a temper tantrum when I realized I didn't look as beautiful in them as I thought I would, but then my mom reminded me there was plenty more where those came from, and to continue trying things on.  I was kinda bummed but agreed.  Next were the hair clips.

I was so excited until my mom showed me a picture of myself and I started to cry. OMG! I looked like such a dork!

Why won't my hair grow faster?  I'm eight and a half months old and I'm just finally getting more than peachfuzz.  I was really starting to feel sad that I wasn't going to be able to accessorize at all until my hair grew longer!  But then I remembered the headbands and prayed that they would work.

And they totally do!  I look awesome!

I think this purple one is my favorite!  Thank you!

So, thank you, thank you, Morgan! I can't fit in the hats but it's still winter over here so I have to wear a warm hat anyway (yeah, there's this thing called winter you probably don't know about. It's pretty cold and that white stuff you asked about falls from the sky. It's cold and pretty and you can totally eat it, just not if it's yellow. You should come see it sometime!). And I can wait until spring to wear my pretty clips, but of course I will start wearing the headbands right away! All of my friends are going to be so jealous when I tell them they're from California!

I hope we get to meet each other soon. I'd love to come and visit you and see that ocean thing I see in your pictures sometime. It looks so pretty and I can't believe the sun sinks down into it. The sun comes up out of the mountains over here. Maybe we could meet up and go to Disneyland sometime!
I love you and am glad that we are going to be pen pals. Write back soon!




The Dadej Family said...

How cute!!

Dawniebee12 said...

That just made me laugh out loud! She looks so cute with her accessories. Save the hats for when I have a girl...hmm...someday...Maybe Morgan can teach her what a wristlet is one day?

Shelley Fischer said...

Absolutely too cute for words!