Saturday, January 1, 2011


 Since December 31st was inevitably going to be splattered with sickness, and as I have aired all my grievances and grumpiness about being under house arrest in the last post, I vowed to make an attitude change.  I could not make our kids well overnight.  I could not melt the snow, nor would I want to, really.  There were so many elements out of my control that could frustrate and annoy me, but that is not how I wanted such a remarkable year to end.  I needed to embrace my day as it was undoubtedly going to be, and rock the small moments I could handle.  I could make our last day of 2010 as bright and memorable as possible, bit by bit.  Of course, that means pulling out the box o' crafts and letting Jax make a mess, which would most certainly not be his last of the day.  It was just one of those kind of days, but at least the mess was all food and paint and toys strewn about, not the bodily function kind like the days before and after.  2010 needed to go out in a bright, messy bang.

And voila!

I decided our little man was just going to get craftier and more artsy as 2011 progressed, so it was time to embrace his inner Van Gogh and make some space for it.  Let him claim a little bit of our home as his own and show him we are proud of him and his creations.  Thus, Jax's permanent art installation in our home: 

I figured it would be a visual reminder to me that there is always something more bright and cheerful to be doing on a rainy/snowy/whiny/pukey day, and will motivate me to think outside the box and rely less on Mickey Mouse.  Sounds kind of like a New Year's resolution, huh?  That just occured to me.  Well, I resolve to not let the winter get me down and to make sure my kids have opportunities for fun and creativity.  And to display their fun and let them know that their Mommy and Daddy think they're amazing every day.  I like it.

Oh, but just in case you think that I'm blowing Happy New Year sunshine up your ass, while I was building Jax's art wall and boosting his self-esteem, he was doing some making of his own.

Mess-making, that is.  And just when I was getting all positive and I believe the children are our future...
reality, in the form of one toddler monster, slapped his food on the floor and reminded me it's time for a nap.

Okay, a little disheartened.  A little back to grumpy.  A little disillusioned and this winter is gonna suck feeling creeping back into my happy new year.  Emm wouldn't nap and I even let her cry longer than usual (I know, bad Mommy, she's sick!  But she's sick so she needs to sleep--it's a double-edged sword), and she finally fell asleep five minutes after Jax woke up from his nap.  Then my computer completely died.  So the shine was starting to come off my day a little and I no longer felt like celebrating the big or small things.

But, then this happened.

And this.

And be still my heart, these happened:

And my day was back on track.  Just like that.  The sunshine came pouring back into our day and I remembered how much I have to be thankful for.  And I could feel myself grinning and my heart growing and I was grateful for today.  For this year, really.

And I am grateful for this picture because it makes me laugh.  Doesn't Jax's head look gigantic???

It's all about perspective and 2010 was determined to end with a bright, messy bang.  It wanted to go out with some sibling companionship.

And maybe one sibling trying to grab another's binkie, causing the latter to try to push the former off the recliner.  Justifiable, really.  She's gotta learn somehow. 

She didn't fall, I promise.  Well, not at that moment.

So, goodbye to 2010!  A year which brought us, above all, beautiful Baby Em, the smiliest little lovebug who makes our heart melt with happiness.  And the year that turned Jax two, which I'm not sure I'm happy about.  The year that took us to San Diego for the last time for a while.  The year that saw me returning to my normal weight and pre-baby clothes (hooray!).  The year that made our house a home and gave us a new yard.  The year that ended at 11:59, after a delicious dinner out with my husband, with me holding my baby girl and snuggling her to sleep.  A great way to end a year, and the perfect way to usher in a new one.

Happy New Year!

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Dawniebee12 said...

Happy New Year! And, congrats on the weight loss! I knew you could do it. You are one hot mama! Love ya!