Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Our little reindeer was patiently waiting.

Waiting for Mommy and Daddy to bring in the Christmas tree.  Waiting for them to find their old tree stand.

Waiting for Mommy to get home with a new tree stand so we could decorate.

Waiting for Daddy to come home with another tree stand when the first one broke.

Waiting for someone to take her out of her reindeer outfit.

It did take me kind of a while.  But she looked so cute! 

Our good, patient girl :)


Aj said...

A christmas request. i NEED a picture of that sweet little girl in the reindeer suit. PLEASE! that post melted my heart. :)

Karen said...

sooo cute!

Diana said...

Irresistibly cute!!

gramma said...

me to! gramma needs one to!

amy g said...

love that sweet girl. just perfect. thought of you this afternoon- got nia a kitchen set for christmas. hopefully it fits in the UPS truck :) xoxo