Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kiddie Christmas Party

Last week, our good friends Katie and Joe and their adorable son Andrew (the blondie on the left) hosted a holiday party for Andrew's friends and their parents.  They also just bought their home so it was kind of a house-warming celebration as well.  Their house is so comfortable and had great space for 9 kids, yummy goodies, adult conversation, and a gift exchange.  The kids' first Christmas party!

Andrew, Harper, Evelyn, and Jax were all ready to head downstairs to play!

I love our house but I am so envious of their playroom!  The kids were launching themselves into a ball pit, scooting down the slide, dancing, yelling, running, get the idea.  Having lots of fun.

Here's a picture of my three favorite things:  Em, Jax , and Chardonnay :)

Em didn't get my joke.  I'll explain it when you're 21!

And then there was the cutest gift exchange ever.  I was not prepared to be official photographer, plus I'm terrible with indoor/low lighting shots.  But imagine 7 toddlers getting to line up and choose a present from a row of beautifully wrapped gifts.  As much as you may have thought utter chaos, they were actually almost shy about it, like, Are you sure this is okay? Is this really mine?

  It was really very sweet.

So although the pictures are lackluster, I hope I'm portraying the fun and spirit of a group of kids who are just beginning to glimpse the magic of Christmas--they ranged from almost three years old to barely three months old--but their enthusiasm is infectious.  Watching them open their simple presents made me very excited for Christmas morning.  I know at least Jax is not going to believe his luck, since a new box of crayons and some stickers sent him over the moon!  What will he do with a whole tree-full of presents just for him (and Em, of course.  She hasn't been nearly as naughty).

Oh, and I must mention that JDubbs and I left, brought the kids home, put them to bed where Auntie Jenny was happy to babysit while we went back to the party and had some grown up fun!  Hooray!  A doubly fabulous night.

What great friends we have!

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lauren & aaron said...

She looks so very blonde!!! Love their little Christmas outfits. :)