Sunday, December 26, 2010

Aiden's 2nd Birthday Party

I can't believe it had been almost a year since Jax and Aiden met in San Diego, but my good friend Tricia and her family finally trekked out to Massachusetts for the holidays, so of course we headed down there to see them and to celebrate Aiden's 2nd birthday!  Jax was really looking forward to seeing Aiden and asked me to show him pictures from our visit with them last February all the time. 

Last time they were toddling around in just diapers, laughing in the sun.  Now they are two big kids, two years old, chillin and playing foosball.

I'm so glad that we're able to stay in touch with Tricia and her family, even though they live so far away.

Another bonus was that I finally got to meet my friend Shauna's little girl Olivia, who was born two weeks before Em last April.  It's nice to see another little girl who can rival Em's cheeks! 

I wish I knew what happened just before I took this picture.  It's like they both just realized the other was there!

And Aiden snuggled up with Em and was very sweet.  He must be practicing for when his little sister arrives in a few months.

The kids enjoyed running around the rec center and of course, yummy cake.

Then, since they were all such good little boys and girls, Santa made a quick stop to wish them Merry Christmas!  Jax was scared and wouldn't even say hello,

but then Em was a rock star and sat on his lap without a fuss!

Before we left, my friends and I got a quick group shot with our kids.  Tricia, Shauna, and I went to elementary school together, and Marci has been a great friend since high school.  Here we are with our six kids, and one more on the way!

I am so incredibly lucky to still be so close with friends from my childhood, who know me so well and with whom I share so many memories.  And now to have our kids play together is an incredible treat.  I'm so happy that we were all able to celebrate Aiden's birthday together.

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