Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The temperature was in the twenties.  The wind was blustery; then the snow started to squall.  Em's eyes were tearing.  Jax's nose was running.  But based on their smiles...

...I'd say the kids would say it was the perfect day to go cut down a Christmas tree.

If pictures say a thousand words, then there must be a thousand ways to say "cold."  But as begrudging as I was when we left the house to go meander through the mud and muck, it turned out to be a pretty fun time.  Jax's enthusiasm was contagious, and Em was snug as a bug in a North Face jacket with her Daddy.

Choosing the perfect tree turned out to be pretty easy.  Our tree was probably the first one we saw.  It is so perfect that someone offered to buy it off of us when we were leaving!  But we still had Auntie Jenny's to choose as well as Nana and Papa's.  Lots of opportunity for running through row upon row of Christmas trees looking for perfection x 3.

We found them, and Jax learned a new word.  "TIMBER!"  He helped cut down the trees every time and didn't stop saying, "Timber!" all day.

We were cold.  We had to bundle the kids up in the safety of the minivan, but even for a girl like me who misses the San Diego sunshine every day, it was fun.  Maybe it was seeing the Christmas spirit starting to seep into Jax's awareness, and watching the excitement build.  It was worth it.

Another great memory.


Karen said...

Looks like a super cold,but extra fun filled day =)

The Dadej Family said...

I love it! Looks like more fun that getting a tree from a tree lot at Costco or Home Depot. And I think you look cute in a beanie.

amy g said...

Love this post! xo