Monday, November 22, 2010

Hanging With Tommy

When we were in Massachusetts a few weeks ago, Molly and I got the boys together at the Ecotarium in Worcester; Em was there, too, but she didn't make it into any pictures.  My camera is currently broken and at a repair shop in Burlington--I'm a little too emotional to talk about it--and thus my pictures aren't the best.  It was just showing its first few symptoms that week so I still persisted in taking pictures with it.  Regardless of my photo-lameness, it was a great get-together for the cousins and a chance for Molly and I to hang out together.

Like I said, not too many pictures were decent, so here are the few that made the cut.

Tommy and Jax would have stayed here all day.  I love how Tommy looks at Jax like he's trying to learn from him.  It's crazy how for now 10 months makes such a big difference, but soon they'll be playing catch in the backyard and riding their bikes together.  I hope they invite Em.

Inside or outside, they had a great time and I always love a chance to get to know Tommy better. 

Little boys, big fun!

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