Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Children's Museum

Last week we were able to jaunt into Boston for some civilization and fun.  Jax loved being in the city and now, whenever he sees a tunnel (in a book or on TV--did you think there were tunnels in Vermont?), he says, "like in the city!"  It seemed like there were sirens and construction vehicles to be found on every street corner, and Jax was incredibly impressed. 

Em was less so.  Mostly because it was absolutely wintery out.  Brrr.

But she definitely saw the bright side once we were inside The Children's Museum.

Plus the added bonus that my dear friend Caroline met up with us and was the extra pair of hands I would have desperately needed without her.  She's so good like that.  Plus my kids love her!

The Boston Children's Museum is an absolute jewel in the heart of the big city.  A childhood paradise with so much for a little boy to see and do and learn.  It was an exciting day for little kids from the country.  Where else could they do things like this?


Okay so I pushed my luck a bit and Jax had a monster meltdown in Au Bon Pain, but luckily Caroline was there to lend a hand and that the other customers were all parents with toddler monsters, too.  No judging.  Or, at least, not much.
It was such a fantastic opportunity to show Jax a bit more of the world, catch up with an old friend, and take Em to Boston for the first time.  Even though we missed Daddy, I think we took advantage of our time in Massachusetts as best we could!